Our Mission

Building healthier communities by connecting people to real food

We’re leading a movement to reimagine fast food for a new era.

Our core values guide our actions and we aim to empower our customers, team members and partners to be a positive force on the food system. That’s why we’re building a transparent supply network, why we cook from scratch, and why we’re building a community of people who believe in the power of real food.

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Our Story

We’re in the business of feeding people, and we’re out to change what that means

We started sweetgreen as three college students who were simply looking for a healthier way to eat.

When we were in school, there were two choices: food that was slow, expensive, and fresh—or fast, cheap, and unhealthy. We saw an opportunity to create a business where quality was never sacrificed for convenience.  On August 1st 2007, two months after graduating, we opened sweetgreen in Washington DC, and served our first customers with a vision to reimagine fast food.

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